Flashback Four #4: The Hamilton-Burr Duel

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In this final installment of New York Times bestselling author Dan Gutman’s Flashback Four series, four risk-taking friends head back in time to record the most infamous duel in American history.

The billionaire Miss Z is finally ready to reveal all the photos captured by her time-traveling team, the Flashback Four. There’s just one problem: no one else believes the photos are real! Disgraced, Miss Z decides she has wasted enough time and money sending the kids back in time.

But with Miss Z officially out of the picture, a top secret agency wants to step in and send Luke, Julia, David, and Isabel on one final mission-to record the fateful duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. When the kids arrive in 1804, they face a difficult question: Should they capture the tragic details of the duel or try to change them?

Dan Gutman’s signature blend of fascinating facts, humor, and action makes this series finale an adventure of historic proportions!

By Dan Gutman
Hardcover: 240 pages
Ages 8 to 12