Giant Success to Boston Mug

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Giant ceramic mug.  Perfect for display. This mug is a 1:1 reproduction of the Success to Boston Mug, which is part of the Museum Collection.


  • Base of mug: 5" diameter
  • Height of mug: 6.25" tall
  • Total width including handle: approx. 7 " at widest point

Description of Museum Collection "Success to Boston Mug": Inscribed “Success to ye city of Boston, Liberty For Ever” and depicting a fantastical townscape, this English creamware mug (circa 1770s) evokes the early years of the American Revolution. Made in England for the American market, this mug particularly celebrates the American city of Boston as a guardian of Liberty. It may date to the time of the so- called “Coercive Acts” of 1774. Part of the crown’s punishment for the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773, these acts closed the port of Boston and suspended the Massachusetts governing charter. Rather than quelling the growing discontent, the Coercive Acts only stoked the fires of rebellion and garnered sympathy for Massachusetts in the colonies and among political sympathizers in England.