The Philadelphia Campaign: Volume II

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This second in a monumental two-volume set on the 1777 campaign of the American Revolution follows the saga from Cornwallis' triumphal march of his British and Hessian troops into Philadelphia in late September to Washington's movement of the weary Continental forces to camp at Valley Forge in December. Based on soldiers' and civilians' vivid accounts - many uncovered for the first time from private collections - the story of the compelling fight for independence reaches its most desperate moments. Defeated at Brandywine and out-manoeuvred near Valley Forge, the Continental forces were worn out and ill equipped. Yet on October 4, Washington would embark on his first major offensive of the war - a surprise attack at dawn on Howe's main camp at Germantown. Again defeated, though narrowly this time, the Continentals gained valuable experience and new confidence in the possibility of victory. The seige of the Delaware River forts - one of the bloodiest and prolonged battles of the war - ended with British success in mid-November, but still Howe failed to end the war. In his last American offensive before his resignation took effect, Howe tried unsuccessfully to draw Washington from the fortified hills of Whitemarsh. Now, as the Continental forces moved to Valley Forge for the winter, they would have to face their greatest challenge - survival.

  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • Author: Thomas J. McGuire