The Philadelphia Campaign

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Now in paperback, this is the first in a monumental two-volume set on the pivotal 1777 campaign of the American Revolution.

  • An in-depth examination of the military engagements that resulted in the British capture of Philadelphia.
  • The compelling account of the fight for the Continental capital, based on surviving accounts of soldiers and civilians.
  • Paperback. 432 pages.

"The Philadelphia Campaign is first-rate, an absorbing work of tenacious research and close scholarship. Thomas J. McGuire knows the time of the American Revolution and has been over the ground in and about Philadelphia in a way few writers ever have. But it is his empathy for the human reality of war and the great variety of people caught up in it, whether in the service of the king or the Glorious Cause of America, that makes this book especially alive and memorable." --David McCullough, author of John Adams and 1776